EPA Decision Tool Webinar Slides


Slides for Oct 15 2015 webinar



Today we are pleased to release an updated version of RE-Powering’s Electronic Decision Tree tool. This update (version 1.1) represents modest improvements to the original tool released last month and addresses two important issues associated with the original product:
- (1) For potentially contaminated sites with a landfill and for the landfill only scenario, the tool can now consider acreage on the parcel apart from the engineered landfill unit; and

- (2) The tool makes greater distinction between those answers skipped because of the need for additional information and those answered skipped because the user, with their knowledge of location-specific circumstances, believes that the criteria presented may not apply.

Finally, as we have had more people using the tool and providing us feedback, we have enhanced some of the information and functionality.

Although we do not expect to revise the tool on so frequent a basis, we believed these changes were valuable enough to implement now and improve the overall usability of the tool. In the future, we hope to incorporate additional information and resources associated with the topics presented, and as needed, reconsider the basic considerations of viability presented in the tool.

If you have already downloaded and installed Version 1, first uninstall (do not delete) this version. Then install the new version 1.1 which can be found at http://www2.epa.gov/re-powering/re-powerings-electronic-decision-tree. Also, consider registering for the tool to receive future updates.

As always, please let us know if you have feedback or comments on the tool and any resources or information that you would like the tool to reference in the future.

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