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Taken from drone footage at the end of the #stickwindhere video

RE-Powering_Windustry Webinar EDT 101515 v2.pdf
Slides for Oct 15 2015 webinar

This infographic from Bloomberg provides both a snapshot of electricity prices around the country (as of May 2013), and also illustrates how solar and microgrid technology can save people money.
Date: August 22, 2013

"The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) third annual Distributed Wind Market Report provides stakeholders with statistics and analysis of the market along with insights into its trends and characteristics. By providing a comprehensive overview of the distributed wind market, this report can help plan and guide future investments and decisions…
Date: August 2015

The Windustry Wind Project Calculator was designed by Alice Orrell, Alice Orrell Consulting, and Windustry for the Community Wind Toolbox.

The Wind Project Calculator was developed to assist in performing cash flow modeling for community wind projects. You will need to enter specific information about the type of turbine you are considering, the…

This handbook has been designed to provide technical information and useful tools based on the industry’s collective experience in siting wind energy projects and assessing potential impacts.
Date: February 2008

Investigates the relation between exposure to the sound of wind turbines and annoyance, self-reported sleep disturbance and psychological distress of people that live in their vicinity.
Date: 2012

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08.10.16 Developer Evaulation Checklist (BJH).pdf
Brad Haight is a renewable energy attorney in Colorado. His presentation "Developer Evaluation" gives landowners a starting place in evaluating a wind energy developer that is interested in their land. The document includes information on wind energy development and a checklist of important information for landowners to gather.
Date: 2008

Presentation from webinar about evaluating a wind turbine lease.
Date: April, 2015


This report uses representative commerical project types to estimate the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for both land-based and offshore wind plants in the United States (U.S.) for 2013. Scheduled to be published on an annual basis, it relies on both market and modeled data to maintain an up-to-date understanding of wind generation cost trends and…
Date: 2015

Review of existing scientific literature on health and wind turbines. "In general, published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and reviews by recognized health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) carry more weight in the assessment of health risks than case studies and anecdotal reports."
Date: 2010


Model Wind Ordinance for Minnesota

Date: January 30, 2009

The primary aim of this study is to evaluate the potential for tapping Iowa’s wind resource to reduce CO2 emissions from electric power plants, not only in Iowa but regionally.

In June 2014, the EPA proposed a rule (111(d)) setting the year 2030 target CO2 emissions rate reductions for each state’s power plants. It is in light of that…
Date: 2015

Municipal Utilities & Other Non-profits Benefit from Community Wind.pdf
PDF of Poster Presentation of 3 case studies
Date: 2011

Publication by a developer/farmer/consultant on all the factors to consider and steps to take in proceeding with a community-owned renewable energy project. The paper is aimed at projects in general and is not specific to wind energy. The information is presented in more of a check-list format, rather than as explanations of each step.

Includes discussion of various issues to consider, as well as "red herrings", best practices and a model ordinance.
Date: September 2008

This handout is a compilation of Minnesota-specific and federal incentives for wind energy systems. The list is divided into programs that are funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the stimulus bill) and programs that are funded through other sources. This list was last updated August 21, 2009.
Date: 2009

Investigates environment noise, its relationship to annoyance, and contributing factors.
Date: 2009

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Chart showing the wind energy capacity in the United States 2005-2015 (projected). The relationship to the Production Tax Credit is also noted.
Date: December 2014

Presentation about the Public Acceptance and Wind Energy June 29, 2015 for the Midwest Wind Energy Center Webinar Series. Speaker: Eric Lantz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Eric Lantz is a Senior Energy Analyst specializing in renewable power policy, markets, and technology. Most recently Eric was a lead analyst and senior advisor for the…
Date: June 2015

Social Acceptance Overview MWEC Regional Meeting FINAL 062915.pdf
Presentation slides from MWEC webinar
Date: 2015

This report that provides an overview of existing wind energy ordinances across the country. The increase in wind energy development also creates a new responsibility on the part of local governments to ensure that ordinances will be established to aid development of safe facilities that are embraced by the community.

The purpose of the report…
Date: 2008

An engineering study of increasing the Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard to 40% by 2030, and to higher proportions thereafter, while maintaining system reliability.
Date: 2014
In this installment of GE Masterclass, host Baratunde Thurston goes to The Windy City to shoot the breeze with head of sustainable energy, Mike Bowman. Learning that wind turbines use thousands of parts to produce clean electricity, Baratunde becomes a big fan of big fans in reverse. How high in the air do these things really go? Can their…
Date: 2014-06-16T15:16:20.000Z
What weighs 100 tons and rests 100 meters in the air? Hint: it's a box, but fancier. Find out a bit about the advanced equipment inside that box that allows wind turbines to generate a steady supply of electricity in a constantly changing breeze. Join GE head of sustainable energy Mike Bowman and host Baratunde Thurston in the Extra Credit portion…
Date: 2014-06-16T15:16:37.000Z

Denmark has successfully created renewable energy systems with community-supported wind farms for decades. Learn how you can partner with your neighbors and create clean, locally controlled wind farms in your community.
Date: June/July 2008

Home Power magazine publishes an annual Wind Turbine Guide for considering and planning a wind energy electric system for home, farm, or business. The 2011 guide "Is Wind Electricity Right for You?" covers site evaluation, towers, and turbine choices. Wind energy experts Ian Woofenden and Mick Sagrillo review 24 small wind turbines with a detailed…
Date: June / July 2011


The Minnesota state legislature, recognizing that distributed generation will play an integral role in our energy future required that a standardized set of rules, procedures, and technical criteria for interconnection of distributed generation within the state.
Date: 2007

Outlines new standards for new performance and quality standards that require certification of small wind turbines (up to 100kW) in order to qualify for the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Declares that eligible turbines must be certified.
Date: 2015


Two page sheet with extensive references detailing installed capacity, economics, and stability of wind power in the state of Iowa.
Date: 2015

As a national wind energy leader, Iowa is on track to achieve its proposed carbon reduction goal in the Clean Power Plan, and is also well-positioned to help other states meet their reduction goals. Iowa can build and sell wind energy, infrastructure and services to other states, which means increased economic development and job opportunities for…
Date: 2015

This study looked to find the exposure-response relationship between wind turbine noise exposure and the expected percentage annoyed residents and to compare it to previously established relationships for industrial noise and transportation noise.
Date: 2011

Date: January 30, 2009

This book serves as a guide to the many legal issues faced by farmers and rural landowners who seek to develop wind energy projects. The Farmers’ Guide to Wind Energy: Legal Issues in Farming the Wind provides legal information for individuals developing wind projects, regardless of size. This includes farmer-owned large utility-scale wind farms…
Date: 2007

Several counties in Southwestern Minnesota have developed a model zoning ordinance wind systems under 5MW for other counties in the state to refer to.
Date: 2005

This report discusses how simple changes to the federal production tax credit (PTC) and SEC registration process for cooperatives could significantly reduce barriers to community ownership of wind.
Date: April 2008


Discusses the effectiveness of feed-in tariffs in Europe.
Date: January 2008