This is an online resource library about wind energy.  It is operated by Windustry and the Midwest Wind Energy Center.  It holds articles, photographs, maps, research studies, case studies, and more about wind energy dating from the 1990s through the present.


Background Information 


Over the years, Windustry has collected thousands of information resources in the form of articles, reports, photographs, maps, conference presentations, and more.  In addition, Windustry has created many of our own documents and toolboxes for publication.

This large quantity of resources demands a robust system of organization, and Windustry and the Midwest Wind Energy Center are now cataloging items using this companion site.  This library runs on Omeka, a free, open source content management system for online digital collections.  This solution allows us to provide access not only to new resources, but also to items that are older or contain out of date information.  Taken together, the Wind Library provides an overview of the history of wind energy development from the late 1990s to the present.


Copyright Information


The Wind Library contains listings of many different types of resources. Hosted articles and documents are generally from either Windustry or in the public domain, i.e. government reports. In the case of a copyright question, please contact us. 



The Wind Library is made possible partly through funding from the United States Department of Energy WindExchange